Precious few harmonious highlights

Virtuous circles

You may ask yourself…

People, they ain’t no good

From indispensable office communication to relic of a bygone age, let’s remember the memorandum

‘C’mon bro, I said I was sorry, what’s your problem, JEEZ’

A third of Americans may be put out of work by machines over the next decade, so what can us puny humans do about this robot invasi — 01100010011101011000101

The surprisingly smart science of a very dumb-sounding habit

With great power comes great pettiness — also torture, murder, insults and a very whipped ocean

Library of Congress

If you’re sick of the constant barrage of abuse coming from inside your own head, we’ve got some good news for you

Chris Bourn

UK-based writer and editor who has writed and edited for many a title, on many a topic, committing many a typo

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